Are you looking for premium quality affordable kitchen designs in Brisbane ? Otal Bathroom & Renovations helps youto get high-quality kitchen renovations in Brisbane with modern design and specifications.  Our years of experience and commitment to supplying standard products and services made us reliable amongst the rest.


Whereas a lavish living standard needs a great kitchen designs in Brisbane, we make sure that our quality kitchen renovation can bring the opulence to lend the gourmet of a marvellous abode. It is said that “kitchen is the heart for a happy home”, and most families spend a good amount of time in the kitchen to prepare meals and making snacks. Hence, we aim to renovate kitchen that is easy to use and can be equipped with modern state of the art appliances. Here is how you should proceed-


Choose the style that matches your living standard:  Just like your other necessities, kitchens come with different designs and styles. However, choosing a new kitchen designs in Brisbane not only costs more but also lasts the longest. Hence, go for a style worth choosing for and must suit your lifestyle. We will guide you in making decisions including the choice of wall colours to cupboard doors.


Kitchen layout that matters: As soon as you think of kitchen renovation, the first thing that must come to your mind is the design that will complement your interior and number of people using it. The number of cooks, which will be working in your kitchen at once, the eating area, etc. are such considerations before choosing the layout of your kitchen.


  • L shaped kitchen
  • U shaped kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • Single line Kitchen


What are the things to consider for your kitchen design & renovations?


Once you finalise the kitchen style, the next step that you should follow is certain considerations that will determine your entire kitchen renovation plan:


  • Budget: According to the style and design you choose, the budget will differ.


  • Size: Based on the appliances need to be installed, activities and eating area, you have to select the size of the kitchen, i.e., how wide, long, and high it would be.


  • Appliances and facilities: Make a checklist of appliances that you would like to install. Starts from electrical deployments to gas supply and utensils – all need to be considered.


  • Benchtop materials: Consider the type of benchtop material you prefer; it could be granite, laminate or engineered stone.


  • Splashbacks: You can consider the splashback for glass, tiles and stone. Modern splashbacks can add the unique features besides wall protection.


  • Kitchen colours and lights: Choose the colour of your preference, and it’s better to depend on the natural lights. However, don’t forget to feature the lighting over the benches for practical and aesthetic reasons.


For kitchen renovations Brisbane you may consider any sort of combinations made from all these considerations, and we can craft them according to your unique requirements. Our specialist designers create highly functional kitchen spaces that are enough to enhance your culinary experience.